Nationals Overseas Encouraged to Help Build Dominica’s Economy

Minister for Constituency Empowerment speaking at an open-mic discussion has urged Dominicans overseas to contribute to nation-building here in Dominica.

Hon George stated that there are many ways to help develop Dominica’s economy from other countries.

The minister noted that owning residential property on the island is one way to demonstrate national spirit.

“Dominicans living overseas can participate in the actual development of your country. There are many investment opportunities.  You can open up accounts at the Credit Unions and banks so that the money can circulate within the country.  Those of you who have not built a home here in Dominica should consider buying some land and building a holiday home.”

According to Hon. George, owning agricultural property in Dominica can also help to improve the local economy.

“Those of you who have access to family agricultural lands should utilize those lands because there are many opportunities in agriculture in Dominica. You can do so while you are abroad by employing someone to tend the land on your behalf. There is tremendous scope for export of our produce in the region. Government has taken a decision to reconfigure DEXIA which is in fact the Export Import agency in Dominica with a stronger focus on export.”