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Friday, 20 September 2019

The Hon. Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, says the electoral laws and processes should be reviewed and revised.

Although he believes that the electoral laws and processes have produced elections that are free and fair, he sees the need to examine the laws and identify areas which can be strengthened and clarified.

He explained, “…More specifically in relation to safeguarding the constitutional right to vote; strengthening the revision and verification processes of the list of electors so as to ensure that only those who, under the laws of Dominica, are entitled to vote are or remain on the list.”

The Prime Minister continued that, “Clarifying the election law on bribery including by expressly providing that transportation of electors or supporters is lawful unless such provided for the purpose of inducing persons to vote for a particular candidate and/or a party when otherwise they would not vote for the candidate in question.”

The laws also seek to ensure that national identification cards are in place for use, well in advance of the next general elections.

“In that regard, Government is committed to ensuring that the necessary funds be made available to the Electoral Commission to complete the ongoing process towards the establishment of national ID cards. The Government has, as a matter of fact, purchased the equipment for the processing of the national ID cards.”

He explained that the issuance of those cards are next.

The Government of Dominica will soon submit its proposed amendments including those listed above to the electoral laws to the Chief Elections Officer and the Electoral Commission for review and comments.

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