200 More Don White Coats at Ross University

Over 200 new students have joined the ranks of the Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) student body.

 RUSM held its White Coat Ceremony at the annex in Portsmouth last Friday, May 15th.

 Addressing the ceremony, Dean and Chancellor of RUSM, Dr. Joseph Flaherty says he believes that the new students have made the right decision in choosing Ross University Dominica Campus since the Government and people of Dominica have proven to be as dedicated to the success of Ross students as the students themselves.

“Where else when you ask your friends in medical school do the President, Mr and Mrs. Savarin; the Prime Minister, the incomparable, Ian Douglas, as well as other Members of Parliament, show up for your white coat ceremony? And I’ll tell you why. They are as committed as Ross is to your success; the whole community is...
We all want you to make it, so the rest depends on you,” he stated.

Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth Constituency, the Hon. Ian Douglas, commented that the Dominica/Ross relationship has always been exceptional and is looking to get even better.

“Over the years,” he said, “We have built a very good relationship, the people of the town of Portsmouth and in fact the entire island of Dominica has embraced Ross University and has cradled the school to where it is today, to the great success that it has become. 

We as the locals have set up every single facility to create every service here in the Picard and Portsmouth area for your convenience so that you can concentrate on your studies, you have nothing to worry about...We really look out and look after you as family while you’re here.”

Keynote speaker, Dr. Nikhil Bhayani told newcomers to embrace the people that they meet along their educational journey as they will be people they will never forget.

“Win Dominica not only did I learn the basic sciences but of course how to respect the local people, fellow classmates, school officials and the office staff who handled the day-to-day activities here at Ross University to help the students achieve their goal.

“I came here on Tuesday afternoon,” he said, “I met a lot of people here on the island and here at the university who were here when I was here back in 1999 and 2000 and they still remember me and my friends.

“Like I said this is a long lasting relationship; it all starts here. You never know in your medical career when you’ll run into each other.”