Prime Minister Skerrit Grateful To China

Dominica’s Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt has reiterated his Government’s support for the One China Policy. The Prime Minister told a visiting Chinese delegation to Dominica this week that Dominica is indeed a friend of the People’s Republic of China.

The Prime Minister made those remarks during a special gathering of parliamentarians of the House of Assembly in honor of the visiting Chinese delegation on Tuesday July 03rd 2012.

“When this country established relations with the People’s Republic of China in March 2004 we did so in recognizing that there is one China and to also follow international law recognizing the People’s Republic of China as the sole Government of the whole of China.”

Prime Minister Skerrit expressed gratitude to the Chinese government for the assistance given to Dominica over the last eight years.

“Your Excellency we want to thank the Government and people of the People’s Republic of China for the tremendous assistance which you have rendered to us over the last eight years. We can speak to a number of projects and programs including short term and long-term training programmes for our young Dominicans.”

The Prime Minister indicated that presently Dominica is benefitting from a number of projects being financed by the Government of China through gratuitous aid and concessionary financing.

“These projects include among other things the new Dominica State College, the State House and very critically the construction of thirty new homes for the indigenous community in Dominica, ten of which have been completed so far.”

The Prime Minister told the visiting delegation that his government looks forward to the start of a number of projects to be funded by the Chinese Government.

“We look forward with great excitement and anticipation to the commencement of the state of the art hospital and the New Newtown Primary school to be financed by the Chinese Government through gratuitous aid.”

In addition the Prime Minister thanked the Chinese Government for its quick response for relief aid following a storm which affected villages on the West Coast of the island last November.

“Your government has agreed to construct a new bridge in the Layou area called the Clark Hall Bridge and also to provide housing for those affected on the West Coast of Dominica.”

The Prime Minister is also grateful for the Chinese Government’s role in advocating on behalf of Dominica and other small island states at the international level.

The Dominica leader assured the Chinese visiting delegation that Dominica will continue to be a friend of the People’s Republic of China and looks forward to a long and fruitful friendship between both countries.