Government’s School Transfer Grant Program Continues

The Government of Dominica has announced that its support to under-privileged students by way of the schools transfer grant will continue this year.

Through Government’s recently introduced school transfer grant programme, hundreds of needy parents have received assistance from Government to facilitate the purchase of school uniforms and text books.

The Hon. Education Minister Petter Saint Jean says the Labor Party administration recognizes that many parents are faced with serious economic challenges.

He says the unfortunate financial situation of some has resulted in parents not being able to sufficiently provide for their children’s educational needs. Recognizing this reality, the Minister has guaranteed Government’s continued support to these less fortunate families.

“This year our support for students will continue. We will continue the schools transfer grant for students who have difficulties. We will continue the provision of text books for disadvantaged families and we will continue the support for the provision of uniforms to those who are faced with challenges”.

The Minister notes however that due to scarce financial resources the Ministry of Education will put mechanisms in place to ensure that those receiving the school transfer grant are in genuine need.

“There will be much more control this year in determining the individuals who benefit from this safety net program to ensure that the assistance reaches those people who are really deserving of it,” he said.

The Minister stated clearly that the programme was not "a free for all,” but rather the support programme would be directed at the group of individuals who really experience difficulties, who cannot provide for their children.

Hon.Saint Jean said in those situations “the Government of Dominica will step in and provide for them.”

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development over the years has established several safety net programmes aimed at assisting less advantaged families to ensure that all students have equal access to a well- balanced and high quality of education.