United States Lauds Dominica’s Efforts in the Fight against Narcotics and Organized Crime

The United States Government in its 2014 “International Narcotics Central Strategy Report”, (INCRS) has commended Dominica for its achievements in the fight against drugs and transnational organized crime. The INCSR is a report from the United States Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. The report covers the year January 1 to December 31, 2013.

Under the section Country Reports, Eastern Caribbean – “Drug Control Accomplishments, Policies and Trends”, the report highlights new legislation enacted by the Government of Dominica to deal with the prosecution of narcotics cases and transnational organized crime.
“Dominica passed several new laws in 2013 that will assist in prosecuting narcotics cases and transnational organized crime, including the region’s first comprehensive civil asset forfeiture law. The law established a dedicated forfeiture fund, requiring that forfeited funds be channelled to support police, prosecutors, RSS contributions, victim restitution, and drug abuse prevention and treatment. Using the new forfeiture law, Dominica made its first civil cash seizure in September when two Venezuelan nationals were arrested with $17,433 in their possession as they attempted to depart the island. The pair did not contest the seizure, and a judge ordered the forfeiture shortly thereafter.” INCSR 2014 Volume 1, Page 156, Paragraph 1.

The report further stated, “The United States further encourages the seven nations to pass legislation to modernize their criminal codes—making use of regional best practices in fighting transnational organized crime—and lauds Dominica and St. Lucia in their progress in this area. The United States draws special attention to the need to implement civil forfeiture provisions to turn the proceeds of crime into a weapon against traffickers and applauds Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines for enacting such legislation.” INCSR 2014 Volume 1, Page 157, Paragraph 5.
Prime Minister of Dominica, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit, has pledged to “lead the charge for a safer Dominica”. Prime Minister Skerrit has stated all Dominicans must play their part to eradicate criminal activity in particular drug and gun related crimes.
“I want all of us to stand in condemnation of the drug trade. The drug trade brings guns to our countryand guns are responsible for criminal activities…. Therefore it is important for us to put our voices together and have a very loud echo in our commitment as citizens, as a country to stand in defiance and in condemnation of any illegal activity in the country,” the Prime Minister said.

The Dominica Labour Party Administration views criminal activity as a threat to the prosperity of Dominica and the safety of our citizens and visitors. The Government of Dominica is determined that the country retains its reputation as a friendly, peaceful and law abiding country. Government has taken pro-active steps in the fight against crime, including provision of equipment to the police service, construction of new and upgrading of existing police stations, training of new police officers and enacting legislation to deter criminal activity.