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Saturday, 23 March 2019

The government of Dominica is embarking on an abattoir or slaughterhouse in the Layou Park area.

The project which is estimated to cost ten million EC dollars is being funded by the Government of Venezuela.

Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph Constituency, Hon. Kelvar Darroux says the abattoir when operational, will serve to supply the local market with pork and chicken.

“This project will see the construction of an administrative block and several other buildings to house pigs and poultry.  The main purpose of this abattoir will be to supply local markets with pork and chicken.  The Ministry of Agriculture is working feverishly to ensure that this project comes on-stream.”

A Venezuelan company has been identified and contracted to design and install the abattoir.

Physical work on the multi-purpose meat processing plant is expected to commence shortly.

So far the 6.1 acre property on which the abattoir will be built has been cleared.

The Parliamentary Representative says the construction of the abattoir is testimony of Government’s commitment to the island’s livestock farmers.

“The Government of Dominica remains committed towards the development and advancement of the agriculture sector.  We believe that this abattoir will be a step in the right direction to ensure that the farmers who are involved in poultry and in pig-rearing will have the opportunity to supply this abattoir with product on a regular basis.  This plant will also meet international standards and we are satisfied with the plans that we’ve seen thus far as a Government and we want to encourage farmers not only in the area but across the island to really get into the whole idea of producing pigs and poultry.”

Hon. Darroux says the poultry and pork abattoir is expected to create significant employment opportunities for people of the Layou Park area.

“We are very pleased with the site because we believe that it is an ideal site here in Layou Park.  As the Member of Parliament I believe that this abattoir will contribute significantly toward the advancement and the development of employment as well as opportunities here in the St. Joseph constituency.  We expect to see a number of persons employed at later stages, when we get to the actual construction and erection of the buildings. We’ll have pre-fabricated concrete slabs being erected all in an effort to ensure that the abattoir is of a high standard.  Of course other opportunities will open up for persons who may want to have a local business set up close by so they can target the persons who are working there.  Generally, the farmers of the country will benefit tremendously and so we continue to express our gratitude to the Venezuelan Government for making this investment.”

The abattoir is expected to be complete and operational by August 2013 and will have a capacity output of one thousand birds per hour and fifty pigs per day.


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