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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Canadian High Commissioner to Dominica, Marie Legault, is impressed with the work that PROPEL has been able to accomplish in Dominica. 

PROPEL is the Promotion of Regional Opportunities for Produce through Enterprise and Linkages, a project funded by the government of Canada.

On Tuesday, OECS/Barbados Coordinator and Agribusiness and Marketing Consultant, Dr. Nadia Pacquette-Anselm led the high commissioner on a tour of the Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA) packhouse, the Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYT) and the Dominica State College to showcase the work of the PROPEL project in these institutions. Dr. Pacquette-Anselm says the aim of the visit was to focus mainly on the impact of the project on young people.

The introduction of an onion demonstration plot and seedling nursery to encourage the research of new techniques in onion farming at the state college and the work of the DYBT in supporting young entrepreneurs came into focus during that visit.

 “I was very happy to see that there were a lot of very successful stories coming out of Dominica with the youth business trust,” Commissioner Legault said. 

PROPEL’s main objective is to create linkages and opportunities for export in the region.  Through DEXIA, the project recently launched a new fresh produce brand for Dominica in the Barbados market. 

The brand is also being used locally for value-added products such as dasheen chunks and passion fruit pulp.

Gis News asked Dr Pacquette-Anselm about PROPEL’s evaluation of the impact of its interventions.

She responded, “For us it’s not just a simple intervention but an intervention that can build upon sustainability and can impact a number of persons and change their lives as well.  We are evaluating the consumer feedback in Barbados, for example… and we are also evaluating whether or not it has created an opportunity for increased export earnings in terms of exports to the Barbados market.”

DSC student, Kimmel Wayland is excited about the new developments in agriculture and PROPEL’s initiative to support aspiring agriculturists.

 “I like to do research…I also think of the longterm benefits of agriculture…a lot of people have moved away from the agricultural industry …If I move into the agricultural industry then I see a lot of benefit in my future,” he said.

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