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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Superintendent of police, Richmond Valentine has stated firmly that police presence will be felt heavily during the carnival season in order to decrease criminal activity.

He was speaking at the final Dominica Festival Committee conference leading up to carnival on Wednesday.

 “In order to achieve our objective in ensuring safety, reducing the occurrence of criminal activity and reducing the possibility of any critical incident  our presence will be significantly enhance throughout all carnival activities, island wide, during the day and night.”

“Our security strategy will be tailored with special emphasis on crime prevention, intelligence gathering and traffic control and management.

The presence of the police will not only be visible but will be felt and this will be island wide.”

“We will have measures in place to intercept those with criminal minds who are planning on committing mischief and if found in breach of any law, police action shall be swift and in most cases those that are culpable there liberty will be restricted until ash Wednesday so that they can be dealt with according to law “ he said.

Superintendant Valentine detailed the carnival route which begins at the intersection of Kennedy Ave and Independence Street.

 “The carnival route for the Real Mas 2017 is as follows. South along Independence Street  from the intersection of Kennedy Avenue to the intersection of King George V Street, west along King George V Street from the intersection of Independence Street to the Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Boulevard and north along the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard from the area of Royal Bank to the intersection of Kennedy Avenue and east along Kennedy Avenue from the intersection of the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard to Independence Street.“

He also informed motorists, “If you are entering the city from the south (that is Grand Bay, Point Michelle and Soufriere) when you get to DBS Radio you can take a right turn unto High Street then on to Bath Road. From there you can drive north along Bath Road and if you want to exit the city you turn left on Hillsborough Street onto Great George Street and over the Chinese Friendship Bridge.”

He said an additional alternative is to go along the Goodwill link road unto the E.O Leblanc highway.  Motorists can also choose to continue along Victoria Street and turn right on Old Street (behind the Garraway Hotel) take another right turn on Church Street (next to Roberts Wholesale) and continue moving east along Church Street.

“When you get to the Wesley High School, take a left on Cross Street and a right unto Virgin Lane (near the cathedral), continue to Bath Road and the same route to leave the city can be unutilized.

If you are entering the city from the north on approaching the E.C Loblack bridge you take a left turn onto the link road and through the gardens onto bath road all the way to Newtown and you are out of the city, “he informed.

The Botanic Gardens will be open until 10pm on Carnival Monday and Tuesday to facilitate traffic.

 “I would like to appeal to all stakeholders who in one way or another contributed to the Real Mas 2017 that they should comply with all the rules, regulations and guidelines outlined in the order. To those who plan on committing any act in contravention of the laws of our beautiful country let me remind you that the laws of the Commonwealth of Dominica are not suspended and so police response will be prompt in order that any threat can be neutralized and those that are responsible will be dealt with accordingly. “

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