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Saturday, 23 March 2019

The Hon Parliamentary Representative for the La Plaine constituency, Petter Saint Jean, is deeply vested in the educational development of young people in his part of the island.

GIS news visited the La Plaine constituency to view the extensive work done and on-going.

In an effort to ensure the long term human resource development of his constituents, Hon Saint Jean, has taken several steps, through the labour party administration towards the ease and comfort of students from La Plaine to Delices.  In all communities, government continues to provide bus services for every student attending secondary school and the Dominica State College.

“That has been in place since 2006 and that continues in 2017...and will continue as long as labour is there,” he assured.

In addition to transportation, the school feeding programme has also been extended to the La Plaine constituency. Through the National Employment Programme (NEP), cooks have been employed to cater for the dietary needs of the children.

An NEP cook at the Delices primary school, Joan Hiliare Guiste, explained that after noticing some of the disadvantages of students, the Parliamentary Representative decided to implement the programme.


“The children will leave home and the parents will give them their meals but from six o’clock or seven o’clock when it's being cooked to between [noon] and one o’clock the meals are a mess and they are very cold and children tend to dump it. So the principal noticed that and brought that to the attention of our parl rep, Hon Petter Saint Jean, and then sent us as cooks to the school under the NEP,” she explained.

Additionally, in an effort to ensure the security and peace of mind of students of the Delices primary school, nearly $400,000 was invested to improve on the physical structure of the learning institution.

Principal of the Delices primary school, Priscilla Darroux, explained that prior to Tropical Storm Erika the school was in need of repairs and the storm only left the structure in a worst condition.

“We had to have school at the youth centre so we stayed at the youth centre for a year and we are back at our school. As you can see presently, we are indeed blessed and fortunate that our school has been repaired and teachers, students, parents, everybody are all indeed happy and glad for that,” she said.

Hon Saint Jean is charging the students, parents and the community with the responsibility to make the best of the opportunities presented to them in order to be successful.

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