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Sunday, 24 June 2018

The National Employment Programme launched in 2013 as Government’s direct response to youth unemployment continues to flourish.

Just on MondayJanuary 23rd, the Hon Prime Minister met with the youth of Roseau Central to discuss their opportunity for engagement under the programme.

The Hon Prime Minister says while some called the programme an election gimmick, in 2017 it is still strong.

“There are many people who said that it was a political gimmick, that it was geared towards elections and once elections come we will abandon the programme.  But we are in 2017; it was launced in 2013 and it is still going strong and it is fully financed and everybody who works gets paid at the end of the fortnight or at the end of the month,” he said.

Hon Skerrit reiterated the objectives of the programme.

“This programme is an opportunity for many of our young people to gain much needed experience and to demonstrate to prospective employers that one, we have the ability to work and two, we have the diligence and we are responsible and we can work if we are given the opportunity.”

Scores of young people from Roseau Central and environs turned out for the meeting to express their interest in being employed under the programme.  Hon Skerrit promised that everyone willing to work will be engaged.

“All of you who are here this morning if you are interested in working we will get you on the NEP…” he assured them.

His advice to the young people was to be diligent once they become employed.

Currently more than 1600 are employed under various aspects of the NEP which is funded under the Citizenship By Investment Programme. 

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