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Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Hon Minister For Tourism, Senator Robert Tonge, is calling on all Dominicans to play their part in ensuring a successful Mas Domnik 2017.

Dominica’s carnival is being celebrated under the theme, ‘Domnik ki Dou, (Dominica is nice, Dominica is sweet)- Come revel with us’.

“We continue to boast that our carnival product remains truly the most unique and original from any other.  Our carnival celebrations are punctuated by our cultural heritage which gives us a rich and exciting identity.  The process which leads to two days of street jump-up is one of excitement vibrancy and colour...we must put on an amazing cultural event that will satisfy them [the visitors]...,” Hon Tonge said while speaking at the official launch of Mas Domnik 2017 at the Fort Young hotel last week.

Director of Tourism, Colin Piper also speaking at the launching ceremony stated that the Discover Dominica Authority and its stakeholders must work hand –in-hand to ensure effective planning and execution of carnival events in order for Dominica to truly benefit from these activities  culturally, artistically and economically.

“Organizing carnival is a huge undertaking requiring massive investment and planning, financial and human resource a country we must therefore take greater ownership of the carnival programme by organising in our communities, blocks, grouping of friends and schools to create a more vibrant and dynamic carnival.  DDA alone cannot gurantee the success of our carnival...”

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