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Friday, 22 February 2019

CARICOM Secretary General, His Excellency Irwin Larocque, affirms that customer service and modern technology are the two key factors which will lead to successful public reform.

His Excellency Larocque was the feature speaker at the 2016 Public Service Day awards ceremony held at the State House conference centre on Friday.

The CARICOM Secretary General told public servants that they are entrusted with the administration of the service to the country which requires them to carry out the policy of government.

His Excellency Larocque identified professionalism and integrity as the core values underpinning the tasks of public servants.

“That approach of professionalism and integrity is all the more important given the world in which we live today.  That world demands that we adapt and change in order to ensure that we deliver our services to the public in a manner that is expected and deserved.  This delivery is in an environment of expectation of instant gratification which calls upon us to be managers of that expectation even as we seek to satisfy the public that we are conducting their business in a timely and efficient manner,” he said.

Achieving this cohesive medium, he assured, is the driving force behind the efforts of public sector reform. He explained that a more people centered approach to service is critical to all reform efforts.

“Today’s public servant must understand and appreciate that the complex and interconnected world in which we live requires flexibility and resilience in thinking and action.  This will enable duties to be performed in a responsive way while being innovative in order increase effectiveness and efficiency.”

The CARICOM Secretary General revealed that all CARICOM member states have been focused on public sector reform in different degrees over the years.

In that regard, he highlighted the use of modern technology as another key factor.

“The characteristics that defined the modern public service apply to those who perform such duties at both the national and regional levels.  Having served in both capacities, I can attest to that fact.  Further, it is imperative for the advancement of our integration movement that the national and the regional have a symbiotic relationship at the administrative level.  This cohesion will make a massive difference that will deliver the goods and services that will improve the lives of our people. It is a critical element as we seek to change how we do business in our Caribbean Community.”

In his address His Excellency Larocque made reference to this year’s public service day theme, ‘embracing the challenge: rethink, rebuild, transform.’

He remarked that the theme resonates both as a reaction to last year’s storm as well as to the idea of reform.

“As difficult and challenging as reform is it is absolutely essential in order to confront the ever changing nature of today’s global environment,” he said.

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