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Friday, 22 February 2019

Hon Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, on the evening of Friday December 2nd, lauded the dedication of 134 retirees at a public service award ceremony held at the State House conference centre.

This year’s public service day 2016 was held under the theme, ‘Embracing the challenge: Rethink, Rebuild, Transform.’

“The ongoing recognition of the work and contribution of public officers, retired as well as currently serving, is not only commendable but necessary.  As the public demands for new and improved services increase, public officers must provide those services in a transparent, timely and efficient manner in order to ensure that the public service provides responsive and proactive approaches to stimulate and sustain economic growth and development, “Prime Minister Skerrit remarked.

The nation’s leader acknowledged the efforts of the team, led by the Establishment Personnel and Training Department, in organizing the activities geared at encouraging greater affability among public officers, generating pride in the public service.

Dr. Skerrit called on public officers to defend the work and reputation of the service.

“I believe that the majority of us in our own way are tremendous public servants and Dominicans and it is our responsibility to always defend the public service when it is exposed to criticisms that are unwarranted,” he said. “If we fail to do so we are not showing due recognition and appreciation to all of you who work tirelessly beyond the call of duty, beyond the forty hours a week…”

At the ceremony the Hon Prime Minister bestowed the Public Officer of the Year Award on Sherine Carbon; she also received the Junior Officer award.

GIS News spoke with Carbon after the ceremony. She expressed her elation at receiving the highest award of the public service and encouraged other public servants to strive for excellence.

Emaline Burnette-Honore received the Chief Personnel Officer’s award while the Minister for the Public Service Award for best attendance went to Cassandra Williams.

Lydia Capitolin-Toussaint for the second time received the award for the winning theme. The Ministry for the Public Service Award for best attendance was the Ministry Of Public Works and Ports. The Team award was bestowed on the Health Promotions Unit of the Ministry Of Health and Environment.

Senior Management awardee is Carrie Baron; Middle Management awardees; Belinda Charles and Shaka Dangleben. Senior Officer Award went to Cassandra Williams; Temporary Officer award, Khadijah Paul and the Jerry Augustine award was presented to O’neil Benjamin. 

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