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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Twenty year old Francine Tiffany Baron of Grand Bay outshined six competitors and earned the title of Miss Dominica 2014 at the National Queen Show last Friday.

A massive crowd gathered at the Windsor Park Sport Stadium as Dominica journeyed on into the heart and soul of Mas Domnik 2014.

Baron, Dominica’s first Ti Ma Tador captured among numerous awards; Miss Intelligent, Miss Photogenic and Best Performing Talent.

Baron, who received the award for best in costume, appeared in an African themed costume displaying vibrancy and colour and surprises that had the crowd on their toes with excitement. She copped the award for best in swimwear while Tourence Dorsette of Marigot received the award for best swimwear.

GIS News got an exclusive interview with the new Miss Dominica just moments after being crowned.

When responding to the question of her preparations for the pageant, Baron voiced that although stressful; she put God first and was determined to make her supporters proud.

She expressed her eagerness to participate in the upcoming regional pageants and promote her platform, “Reaching your highest achievement.”

“Applying for the Miss Dominica pageant [means] you also have to apply for the regional pageants as well, as you become an Ambassador for Dominica, so it has always been in the back of my mind that if I win I have to represent Dominica to the best of my abilities, therefore I made sure that my talent was one that I could use regionally and maybe internationally as well.  I’m excited and I’m ready for the job ahead,” she said.

Donnella Riviere captured the awards for Best Evening Wear, Best in Evening Wear and Best Costume. She placed first while Octavia Prosper copped second runner up.

The Miss Amity Award selected by the contestants went to Shalina Samuel representing Stockfarm.

The other contestants were Jewele Brown representing Pointe Michel and Royette Laurent representing Portsmouth.

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