Ross University Class of 2020 gets White Coats

The Ross University Class of 2020 got their white coats last Friday, September 9th.

Attending the ceremony was the Hon. Acting Prime Minister, Reginald Austrie, Honourable Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth Constituency, Ian Douglas, Honourable Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal, Senator Robert Tonge, US Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Her Excellency, Linda Taglialatela and His Worship the Mayor of Portsmouth, Titus Francis.

Hon. Douglas, as he has done for several consecutive years, passionately welcomed the class of 2020.

“You are pursuing your medical career in an absolutely wonderful place,” he effused.

Past student of the Ross University School of Medicine class of 2010, Dr. Hussain Elhalis, gave the keynote address.