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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Single expectant mothers or single mothers with children under three will soon have less financial worries when a pilot health insurance scheme of Government rolls out.

Part of the 2016/2017 National Budget includes allowances for Government and Dominica Social Security to develop a system that will afford this vulnerable group health insurance policies to better care for their children.

“Immediately upon passage of this Budget, Madam Speaker, Government will discuss with the Dominica Social Security to determine how an initial installment of $5.0 million can be set aside and utilized in the creation and administration of a

pilot health insurance facility, for these workers and their children.”

Low-income single mothers employed in the hotel and tourism sector, distributive trades and small businesses were specifically identified.

The plan is to develop the concept with time.

“My thinking is that effective 1st January 2017, mothers of children three years and under and all expectant mothers in Dominica would be eligible to register with the pilot health insurance service, to have up to 80 percent of all medical bills associated with the care of their unborn, newborn and infant, paid by the Service.

Madam Speaker, there are countries in this region and elsewhere that have implemented National Health Insurance Programmes. I do not believe it is beyond our capacity to create a facility that can first serve the needs of young mothers and mothers to be, and ultimately the needs of all Dominicans. This shall be effected by 1st January 2017.”

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