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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

The President’s Charities Foundation has donated $60,000 to the Ministry of Education for a multi-purpose court at the Coulibistrie Primary School.

The cheque was presented to the Hon. Minister for Education, Petter Saint Jean, by His Excellency the President, Charles Savarin, on Monday, July 18th.

The TS Erika Sub Committee was created by the President’s Charities Foundation to raise funds for the provision of medium term relief and comfort to families, more particularly students who reside in Colihaut and Coulibistrie.

His Excellency Savarin explained that although restoration at the school is well underway, there was still one aspect of the school needing attention.

“The community had expressed concern about the use of the yard and we thought that maybe we could convert it into something of great benefit to the school and perhaps the community as well.

“We decided to convert the front yard into a multipurpose court,” he said.

The President’s Charities Foundation collaborated with the Ministry of
Education, Parliamentary Representatives and leaders of the communities to ascertain the needs of the schools.

Hon. Minister for Education, Petter Saint Jean, was elated by the tangible contribution of the President’s Foundation.

“I must note that President Savarin has taken very keen interest in the work being undertaken at both schools. In fact, he has been in constant dialogue with the Ministry of Education to ensure that we can get our children back at [their own] school in a conducive learning environment. For us as ministry, we recognise that education is one of the primary pillars of  our development and in order for our children to do well, they must have the conducive learning environment.”

His Excellency President Savarin told media at the ceremony that they started off with a donation of US $10,000.

Currently the community and the Ministry of Education are well on their way to completing the project.

The President also secured money for the Operation Youth Quake and the Grotto Home for the Homeless.

“We set ourselves a target of US $100,000 and although we have not met that target, we have come more than halfway. We said that we would take the opportunity to lend some support to the Operation Youth Quake...and the Grotto Home,” His Excellency said.

The President noted that a separate donation would be made to the Colihaut Primary School.

“We have undertaken to replace the doors and windows. We are in the process of making a decision on the costings based on the resources available to us.”

Just last week, the foundation donated 58 gallons of paint to the restoration.

On Saturday, July 16th, the foundation held its annual fundraising dinner. 

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