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Friday, 22 February 2019

Top performer at the Grade Six National Assessment says he is not surprised that his hard work has paid off.

Heimish Blaize of the Roseau Primary School topped the list this year with four A’s.

GIS News spoke with the youngster moments after the results were announced by the Hon Minister for Education, Petter Saint Jean.

“I didn’t exactly react,” he said, “but I expected my placement to be pretty high. That’s what I expected all along. It came as a little surprise but I sort of expected it.”

Blaize spoke of his plans to further his education.                

‘I would like to the Saint Mary’s Academy because I believe it will help me academically. My mother tells me there are a lot of good subjects and I believe it will help me move forward in life. 

“I’m a very scientific child. I like geography, meteorology, astronomy and things like that.”

He confessed that his teachers helped him a lot.

His teachers say he has been an exemplary student, always focused on the books.

“When the others were playing, he would be reading or doing something related to books. He is quiet; he is a different child,” she said.

The Roseau Primary School was home to a number of those displaced by Tropical Storm Erika.

GIS News spoke with Blaize’s teacher who said despite the effects of the storm, they were able to help their students to catch up.

“During that time, the students and I were meeting to continue studies although the rest of the school was at home. They had a lot of work to do so we stayed longer in the afternoons because we had lost a lot of time and we had to catch up. The parents played their part coming to find out about their children. We were having meetings and speaking to them more than before.”

Jada-Madison Joseph of the St. John’s Primary came in second with four A’s. 

Other top performers were Megan Vidal of the St. Martin’s Primary School, Nechanté Leblanc of the St. John’s Primary and Naome Samuel-Williams of the Ebenezer SDA. 

All students attained four grade A’s.

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