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Sunday, 05 April 2020

The construction of the new West Bridge under phase one of the Roseau Enhancement Project will be financed not through the imposition of new taxes but through the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The Hon Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit revealed this at the ground breaking ceremony for the reconstruction of the bridge last Friday.

“Ladies and gentlemen we cannot under estimate the significance of such an achievement. Eighteen million dollars is a lot of money for a country like Dominica, particularly post tropical storm Erika. A few weeks ago, I visited and addressed several new citizens of Dominica in Europe, Asia, and particularly Dubai and the Arab Emirates. I impressed upon them the importance of their contributions for the development and modernization of our country. I am sure that they will all be proud, when news of this project to be financed 100% by proceeds from their contributions and made known.”

The Prime Minister said Dominica has so far benefitted significantly from the Programme.  He indicated that a few are currently planning their visit to the island.

“Indeed, some of our agents abroad are in the process of assembling a group of professionals who are also new citizens, to visit Dominica to identify and appreciate areas of need where they can assist and lend of their many years of collective training and experience. They will be coming to Dominica at their own expense, for a few days to determine how as doctors, engineers, architects, scientists, educators, horticulturist and environmentalists they can help in fast forwarding the development of our country.” 

The Hon Prime Minister has recurrently assured the nation that its Citizenship by Investment Programme is an effective and well-managed means of revenue-generation.

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