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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Residents of Silver Lake completed four days of training in Capacity Building and a number of topics were covered at the workshop. The workshop was undertaken by the Dominica Association of Local Community Authorities (DALCA), the Office of Disaster Management, the Local Government Department and funded by the Canadian High Commission.

 A closing ceremony was held at the Silver Lake Community Centre on Tuesday, April 25th.

Certificates of participation were given to the residents who actively took part in this workshop.

Administrative Officer of the Dominica Association of Local Community Authorities, Vincienne George, gave some information about some components of the Silver Lake rehabilitation project.

“We are very happy to highlight the positive that is happening right now in Silver Lake. The rehabilitation workshop involved the Capacity Building training which we are now completing. You have learnt a lot through the four days. It involves the retrofitting of the Silver Lake public convenience… we want you all to take care of that building, and the construction of the retaining wall a 50 feet retaining wall which is at the back of the public convenience. This will help to protect the public convenience from further land erosion. We are very thankful for the participation of the Silver Lake people and we want you to adhere to sanitary practices.”

Topics covered included disaster management and the role of each member of the disaster committee, environmental management practices, vector control as well as the development of the community disaster plan, waste management, and shelter management.

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