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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

CEO and Director of Tourism of the Discover Dominica Authority, Colin Piper thanked captain and crew of the MV Carnival Glory for the many opportunities provided as a result of the ship docking in Dominica when the ship made its inaugural call to the island last Friday the February 5th at the Roseau Cruise Ship Berth.

He said, “Most recently we have been reminded of the cruising industry and ints contribution to the economy in Dominica. We have a number of people: tour guides, taxi operators, vendors, property owners and service providers who earn a living as a result of what you do. We want to thank you and your company for providing that possibility for Dominica.”

Ship’s agent, Whitchurch Travel represented by Keira Thomson-Aird commended the DDA for its commitment to the cruise industry in Dominica.

“The cruise industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the travel industry. Dominica is keeping up with that pace thankfully. It provides economic benefits to any port receiving calls. That is why we are very grateful that Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority puts so much time and effort into making sure our ports are in best condition to receive our visitors.

“The DDA and the Ministry of Tourism take a lot of time to work with stakeholders to engage the cruise lines who come into Dominica. Through the combined efforts of the ship’s agent, Whitchurch, DASPA, the Ministry of Tourism and DDA , we have been able to get Carnival to come back into Dominica and we do hope that their calls will continue into the off season as well because of the economic benefits that have been proven in the past as a result.”

She believes that all involved in the tourism industry should strive to protect it and never take it for granted that any cruise line must dock in Dominica. 

It is along this vein of thought that CEO of the Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority, Benoit Bardouille said to the captain and crew that changes have been made to the port following their last visit in an effort to improve visitor experience.

He revealed, “Since you have been here last, we made some changes which you must have noticed coming into port today. We are still going to try to…make things even easier when the ships dock in port.”

He also thanked organizers of the ship’s schedule for allowing Dominica back on the ship’s itinerary.

The ship’s Captain, Carlo Aquilone had these words for Dominica’s representatives.

“On behalf of Carnival Cruise Lines, I want to say thank you very much for having us today in this beautiful island. This morning when I was approaching the sun was just under the hills, and it was a really gorgeous along with the environment on the west side of the islands. We had a lot of guests on the balcony admiring that and I am sure they will enjoy the island today. We look forward to coming back.”

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Gerard Jean Jacques represented the Hon. Minister for Tourism, Robert Tonge.

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