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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

The first Bouyon Day was celebrated in Dominica on Tuesday, February 2nd.

The idea was the brain child of Carnival promoter, Val Cuffy and forms part of the celebrations of Mas Domnik 2016. 

Cuffy outlined that radio stations were to feature Bouyon music on that day.

The aim of Bouyon Day is to create awareness about Dominica’s original music, Bouyon.  The genre, created by the WCK Band has evolved over the years. 

Manager of Bouyon band, Triple K and avid supporter of Bouyon Day, Emile Depooter is hoping that this initiative will further promote the Bouyon genre.

“It is something that is ours and Dominican and like anything else “I believe that it is something that can and should grow. Just like reggae and calypso with people playing it at church, we hope to see Bouyon grow to a place where there can be Gospel Bouyon and Bouyon Love so it can be palatable to a lot more people. Hopefully it will continue to grow like that and I believe that Bouyon Day is a step in the right direction and we can take it from there and move forward.

While the first Bouyon day was a bit low key, there is much more in store for future Bouyon days in Dominica.

Bouyon day now forms part of the calendar of activities for Carnival.  It will be celebrated every year on February 2nd.

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