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Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Ministry of Public Works and is looking to engage in works to decongest the city of Roseau.

Access in and out of the city of Roseau has been limited due to structural damage to the bridges caused by the August 27th storm.

At a press conference on Wednesday, October 21st, Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore announced that work will be done to restore access through the west bridge.

“The long term plan is to construct a new west bridge but based on technical advice, there is some corrective work which can be done in the interim with the view of reopening the west bridge for vehicular access. That is very important; we have to have a sense of [normalcy and business activity] in a city like Roseau.

“The other issue is that between the two bridges: E.C. Loblack Bridge and the west bridge, the road was washed away so we are going to ensure that in quick time, a retaining wall is constructed for the express purpose of restoring access there.”

He says works will also be undertaken to re-dredge the Roseau River.

The Dominica/China Friendship Bridge is also expected to be restored within the next month.

(Photo:West Bridge)

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