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Saturday, 23 March 2019

The Hon. Minister for Education, Petter Saint Jean has lauded the Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit for acting swiftly and decisively to restore the island following Tropical Storm Erika.

Speaking on Focus on Government and Development radio programme last Thursday, September 24th Hon. Saint Jean said by week two after the storm, 53 of the 75 schools on the island were ready to receive students.

The Education Minister attributed this accomplishment to the actions of Hon. PM Skerrit to get quick assistance for Dominica.

He says action like this speaks to the type of leadership which runs this country. 

Tropical Storm Erika, the education leader says was a test of the quality of the Prime Minister’s leadership.

“This situation proved to all, both at home and abroad, that the kind of mettle of which your leader is made is paramount. [He ensured] first of all that the country remains united in the midst of crisis and secondly that those at the helm of leadership can address the critical issues and ensure that the country returns to normalcy.”

Much more than the effort to reopen schools, Hon. St. Jean said having to surmount the challenges in his own constituency required great effort. 

He says one can only imagine the magnitude of the effort required to restore the entire country. 

“We see Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit standing tall and maintaining the kind of posture that when a Minister of Education or Public Works looks at him, feels motivated to do what we have to do.

“It tells us in a very powerful way that the only person who could take care of Dominica in the state in which we are is Roosevelt Skerrit.”


(PM Skerrit addressing one of several nightly press conferences following TS Erika)

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