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Monday, 25 June 2018

Hon. Education Minister Petter Saint Jean is urging the general public to remain patient and support the people of Petite Savanne, Dubique and Paradise Valley, Bath Estate.

A number of persons have been displaced due to Tropical Storm Erika and are being housed at the Dominica Grammar School and the Roseau Primary School.

Hon. Saint Jean said Dominicans should put Christian faith into action and be empathetic.

“The entire community of Petite Savanne had to be evacuated, relocated, re-housed and for these people it is not a very pleasant experience and so the general populace must be sympathetic to the cause.

“I want to call on the Dominica public: students- more so those of the Dominica Grammar School and Roseau Primary, the parents, the PTA to understand that this is an extraordinary situation in Dominica. So we must do all humanly possible to support the people of Petite Savanne and Dubique.”

Hon. Saint Jean was speaking on Focus on Government and Development Radio programme last Thursday September 24th.

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