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Sunday, 24 June 2018

In the wake of Tropical Storm Erika the private sector has demonstrated interest in helping those most affected get back on their feet.

On Thursday September 24th, the Dominica National Lottery took its turn.

Ken George is Sales and Marketing Manager at the Dominica National Lottery.

“We looked at the disaster and the communities which were impacted and we…decided to adopt the communities of Coulibistrie and Colihaut.” 

Persons from Coulibistrie and Colihaut were selected to receive 172 vouchers valued at $500 each- a total of $86,000.

George explained, “These vouchers are redeemable at J. Astaphan and Co. Ltd. We made the vouchers redeemable at all departments of that company.”

He listed the supermarket, clothing, hardware and auto departments of the business.

The vouchers are valid until the end of January 2016.

We are extremely happy that we can make that level of contribution.”

Catherine Daniel is Hon. Parliamentary Representative for the Colihaut Constituency.

“I think,” she said, “their gift to the constituency is very timely and appropriate because I think we need to move [away] from the [relief] supplies and this will help our people to purchase the things which they really need.”

The Hon MP added that the vouchers will allow for users to make purchases and boost the economy.

“I want to say thank you very much. When Ken called me, I never expected it to be that amount and I think the constituents will be exceedingly happy. I hope they make the best use of it. Thank you so much. It couldn’t be a better gesture to the people. Gestures like this can only build their confidence that people really care for them.”

Coulibistrie Village Council Chair, Erickson Robinson, believes that the contribution will go a long way to restore a sense of normalcy to his community.

“We have in excess of 127 families directly affected,” he revealed. “We will use this contribution to ensure that they experience a better living standard. Many of the people in Coulibistrie have lost most of their personal items, property and even income generating elements.

“We are grateful for that contribution. It will impact directly on the lives of the people…We must not under-appreciate when corporate citizens make those sorts of contributions.”

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