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Saturday, 23 March 2019

The Hon. Parliamentary Representative for the Paix-Bouche Constituency, Roslyn Paul has expressed renewed commitment to her constituency.

 Hon. Paul says she has partnered with the village councils of the communities in her constituency to undertake several projects aimed at reducing the vulnerability of these communities and promoting sustainable development.

“…Major on the cards are a number of community projects which includes the River Wall Project funded by the Basic Needs Trust Fund, and storm drains in all three communities including Calibishie Flat under the disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project.

“Works are soon to begin on the Savanne Paille/Calibishie Ridge feeder road which has served the community well in the past as an alternative route in times of natural disaster.”

She says construction of the school will begin in the next financial year. Meanwhile the project is in design phase.

In summary, she listed other completed projects undertaken in that constituency.

“In recent months, the Government provided resources for a number of small projects to include the completion of the Calibishie Resource Centre road, the construction of drains which solved the problem of the undermining of the Calibishie Methodist Church which is a hurricane shelter.

Hon. Paul was speaking at an official ceremony to commission the new Calibishie Police Station on Wednesday August 12th.

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