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Sunday, 24 June 2018

The Government continues to invest in national security.

This time, a number of initiatives are on the agenda to further reduce the crime rate.

Hon. Minister for Justice, Immigration and National Security, Rayburn Blackmoore, revealed what his Ministry is doing in that regard.

“Government is mindful that the police cannot find crimes alone and is so embracing the partnership between the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force, the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC), Crimestoppers International and other stakeholders.

“The Dominica Police Force has been mandated to develop a national community policing programme for the express purpose of reducing and preventing crime.

A specialized unit will be established within the Police Force to place emphasis on raising the professional standards in the force. This is critical to [maintain] the public’s trust,” he said.

Speaking on the welfare of children which remains a concern, Hon. Blackmoore stated, “There has been tremendous discourse on the safety of the most vulnerable in our midst- out children. This is critical. In that regard, attempts will be made to review the existing Sexual Offenses Act and other relevant pieces of legislation to ensure that our children get the protection which they deserve.”

The Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security got 11.4% of the 2015/2016 National Budget.

He was addressing a town hall meeting on Thursday, August 6th to discuss the 2015/2015 National Budget.

The next town hall meeting is carded for next Thursday August 13th, in the   Kalinago Territory.

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