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Saturday, 23 March 2019

On Friday July 17th, over 90 individuals were awarded certificates at a closing ceremony of a two week Information and Communication Technology Training Programme.

According to Senior Planning Officer in the Ministry of Education, Weeferly Jules, the course targeted the integration of ICT tools in teaching to enhance leaning in classrooms.

“Students interact with technology everyday and integrating IT in our curriculum will simply make it easier for them to learn and this is what we want. That at the end of it, children learn.”

“Therefore,” she continued, “It is important that we learn to use the technology ourselves or enhance our skills in this area.”

She added that it will not only make teaching easier, it will appeal to students keeping them active and interested in lessons.

The workshop which commenced on 6 July was facilitated by a team of Canadian experts who have volunteered to conduct this training in Dominica for the past 15 years through the Ministry of Education.

Darrin Larson, Facilitator, came away from the training re-inspired by the  “passion and commitment” of teachers to their students’ education.

Teachers across the island including lecturers of the Dominica State College participated in the workshop.  A few teachers were also lucky winners of 2 laptops 2 tablets and other devices compliments the Canadian team.

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