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Friday, 22 February 2019

The Pioneer Preparatory and the Petite Savanne Primary Schools have taken the top five spots in the 2015 Grade Six National Assessment.

This year’s top performer is 11 year old Mallet Marie of the Pioneer Preparatory School.

Eleven year old Adam Thomas of the Pioneer Preparatory School got the second highest score.

Third, fourth and fifth places went to Hallie Francis, Samine Darroux and Sherdina Antoine, all of the Petite Savanne Primary School.

The Mahaut Primary, Wotten Waven Primary and Warner Primary Schools also scored above average marks.

The Hon. Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Petter Saint Jean, says while all students will have the opportunity to enter secondary school, he believes in the integrity of the Grade Six National Assessment.

“The Grade Six National Assessment allows us to asses our students’ capabilities in four core subject areas after seven years of primary education. It serves several functions and since universal secondary education was established in 2005, every child has been given the opportunity to attend secondary school.  Therefore today, the G6NA has become an exit tool that allows us to provide merit awards to students who perform well while at the same time giving the opportunity to identify the deficiencies in our system thereby enabling us to design strategies to address these deficiencies,” he explained.

The Ministry of Education has awarded 88 scholarships and 132 bursaries.

One thousand and fifty-eight students sat the 2015 Grade Six National Assessment in May; 532 girls and 526 boys.

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