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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Communities in the Paix Bouche Constituency will soon see the commencement of a number of projects thanks to their Hon. Parliamentary Representative, Roslyn Paul.

On Friday June 29th, the Hon. Parliamentary Representative made a presentation to the village councils of the constituency for priority projects in those communities.

Fifty-two thousand dollars went to the Paix Bouche Village Council.

“$1,200 will go towards continued assistance for the [community project on Marmiton road] especially for the transportation of material,” she said. “Another amount will go to the farmer’s group for the purchase of fertilizer for distribution among the farmers.

“Also, most of the access roads are in good condition but there is a little lane in Paix Bouche. There are a few senior persons living in that lane so we need to alleviate their plight so some of this money will go towards the completion of the Bakery Road.”

Minister Paul hopes that a drainage situation on the Grand la Cou road will also be addressed.

Eighty one thousand dollars went to the Calibishie Village Council with $21,000 for washroom facilities and $50,000 towards Phase One of the Savanne Paille Road.

“We know Calibishie is a major farming community and [its feeder roads] is one of the projects which should be addressed by the Banana Accompanying Measures Programme but in the meantime we cannot let the farmer suffer while BAM is taking quite a while to materialize.

“So through the Village Council and to create short-term employment for the people, we are providing $50,000 to start doing some work in some of the worst parts on the Savanna Paille Road.”

 The Bense Village Council received $58,000 for the development of Medrick Road in particular.

That sum will also go towards fertilizer for the farmers and for the fishers of the area to further development their vending facilities.

An extra $15,000 will go towards washroom facilities for senior citizens in the communities of Bense, Anse de Mai and Anse Sol Dat.

(Calibishe Village Council accepts cheque from MP, Roslyn Paul)

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