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Saturday, 23 March 2019

The East Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC) is providing technical assistance to poultry farmers with a view to help them manage their farms more effectively.

On Tuesday June 23rd, poultry farmers in Dominica attended a one-day seminar organized by the ECGC in collaboration with local suppliers of animal feed and the Ministry of Agriculture And Forestry.

“Over the years, ECGC has participated in the Dominica market serving bakers, farmers and the general public. The company has a legacy of providing top quality products and engaging positively in the livelihood of our customers.

“Today East Caribbean Feeds is once again pleased to host another feeds seminar in Dominica. The company is cognizant of the importance of not only quality products but also technical services that reach the core of every level of production,” stated Rachel Haslam, Marketing Manager, of ECGC.

In 2013, a similar seminar was held for both pork and poultry farmers, however, this time in 2015, the seminars are being held separately so that each group can benefit from in-depth discussion about their sector.

Extension Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Anthony Cyril encouraged farmers to work as a unit in order to move the sector forward.

He says it is commendable that over the past 30 years, Dominica has been self-sufficient in table egg production.  However, he says more work needs to be done to improve the production of poultry.

“The abattoir is one of the major [projects] one which we’re working to get the poultry subsector to the next level. These endeavors, however, cannot be achieved without input from the farmers. The abattoir is just a building and it cannot operate without birds or pigs so such trainings will ensure that you produce and at a profit-making level,” he said.

Main facilitator of the seminar was Dr. Robert Thomas of Jamaica. 

He encouraged farmers to reduce wastage and look to producing more for self sufficiency and to reduce the food import bill.

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