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Friday, 22 February 2019

Social programmes initiated by the Roosevelt Skerrit Administration will continue in the 2015/2016 financial year.

Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit confirmed at during a press conference at the Ministry of Finance Conference Room on Tuesday May 12th.

The Dominica leader explained that the programmes have had a major positive impact on the lives of nationals across the country.

“You will not see any change in Government’s social programmes; no social programmes will be affected, not one.”

The Prime Minister listed the Pensioner’s Allowance which costs Government over $400,000.

“That is costing some money but it’s commitment we made to the senior citizens of Dominica,” he said.

“We will maintain the School Transportation Programme, the School Transfer Grant, the Public Assistance Porgramme...,” he listed.

The Hon. Prime Minister also revealed plans to improve the DLP’s flagship initiative, the Yes We Care Programme.

“We’re looking at ways through which we can even improve on the delivery of social services to the senior citizens in the Yes We Care Programme. Having done a review of it, there will be some changes but changes to enhance the programme not to negatively affect it,” he assured.

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