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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

The Hon. Minister for Information, Science, Telecommunication and Technology, Kelvar Darroux is grateful to his constituents, whom he says, by their mandate, have afforded him the opportunity to rise to the challenge in his new capacity.

GIS News recently sat with the first-time minister who spoke about plans for his new portfolio.

According to Darroux, his priority is, “to ensure that Government’s Programme in regards to information technology and telecommunications (ICT) is met. Firstly, high on the list is the implementation of the centre of excellence for ICT as well as the delivery of the tablets as promised by the Hon. Prime Minister during the election campaign to students of the Dominica State College and the secondary schools on the island. These are the two priorities that we are looking at from the ministry’s stand point.”

He believes this Ministry is very important as Government seeks to transform the public sector by improving efficiency through the better use of information telecommunication and technology.

Hon. Darroux says his ministry will play a critical role in helping Government achieve this goal.

The Hon. Minister admits that it will be a challenging job. He is confident however that he can deliver.

“Definitely I’m up to the challenge. I have always been one who has taken a challenge head on. Whenever I am no longer challenged it makes no sense to me that I remain in that position. The Ministry and politics continue to be an ongoing challenge for me and it is one I am looking forward to,” he said.

In the Administration’s previous term in office Hon. Darroux served as Parliamentary Secretary in the office of the Prime Minister responsible for information technology.

Meanwhile, speaking of plans on a constituency level, Hon. Kelvar Darroux, who is the Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph Constituency, says he is ready to work for his constituents.

The rehabilitation of farm access roads within the St. Joseph Constituency is on his list of priorities.

In an interview with GIS News, Hon. Darroux revealed other areas of importance.

“The communities of Mero and Layou will benefit tremendously from community tourism initiatives and we will see greater improvement of access in these communities for tourists as well as the opportunities of economic benefits for the residents of these [Villages] through the tourism sector.

“In St. Joseph one of the pillar projects that we will undertake is the St. Joseph bypass. This is the major artery that connects St. Joseph to Layou and so the pillar project this term is to ensure that we can have work done to completely rehabilitate this bypass within the St. Joseph to Layou area as well as the infrastructural work from the Hillsborough Bridge to Glo Chaud Bridge in the Layou valley area. This bridge was impacted by the floods of the Matte Dame in 2011 and Government has secured the funding in the excess of 30 million dollars to have complete rehabilitation works undertaken in that area, ” according to Hon. Darroux.

Education, housing, the provision of washroom facilities and employment for the youth are also areas of focus for this Parliamentary Representative in this new term.

Hon. Kelvar Darroux was victorious at the December 8th polls by a margin of 257 votes.

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