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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

To observe World Environment Day, the Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit in collaboration with a number of environmental institutions on Tuesday teamed up to educate primary school students from communities surrounding the Morne Trois Pitons National Park on how they can better appreciate their environment.

The open day activity held at the Waitukubuli National Park Research and Interpretation Centre in Pond Case was just one of several activities held in Dominica on Tuesday June 6thunder the theme “Green Economy, Does It Include You?”

Trail Operations Officer at the Waitukubuli National Trail, Roselyn Paul endorsed Tuesday’s activity.

Paul told the students that the day’s activity was extremely significant.

“Today’s activity is very important to the continued efforts by the Government of Dominica and non government organizations in the thrust towards environmental protection, natural resource management and eco-tourism among others.”

During Tuesday’s Open Day Activity, students were exposed to some of the projects funded under the Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme.

The students were taken on an educational tour of biodiversity wildlife and forestry activities in the area.

Director of Forestry, Minchinton Burton addressed the students on the negative impact that world development has had on the natural environment.

Burton spoke of the importance of conserving Dominica’s natural resources and environment for future generations.

“The forestry wildlife and parks division as you know is responsible for ensuring that as much as possible, the environment, the forests, flora and fauna meaning the animals and plants are protected.  If we did not conserve all of that, we would not be able to benefit from eco-tourism.  The Waitukubuli National Trail is an example of that, people want to come to Dominica to be able to walk through the forests, to be able to see our nice, clean rivers.  If we would have cut down all of our forests we would not have all of these nice rivers that we have.”

Through this experience, it is hoped that the students will return to their homes, schools and communities and influence their counterparts to participate in conserving and enhancing the environment.


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