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Government continues to improve Dominica’s road network

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A road audit conducted on Dominica’s road network at the inception of the Dominica Labour Party Administration estimated that only twenty-five percent of Dominica’s three hundred and twenty kilometres of main road was in fair condition.

The Roosevelt Skerrit-led Administration developed a mandated sectoral plan to restore at least sixty percent of the island’s road network by the year 2015.

In an interview with GIS News on Monday, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore, Minister for Public Works proudly stated that Government had surpassed its expectation and currently sixty-three percent of the island’s roads is in excellent condition.

Main roads such as the West Coast Road, the Airport Road, the Valley Road and the Pointe-Mitchel to Scottshead Road have undergone total rehabilitation.

At present, more road rehabilitation projects on secondary roads are ongoing island-wide.

“As I speak with you, we have put in place the estimates and we have gotten approval for a number of our roads.  These will also include proper drains and sidewalks and we want to draw from the talent within the communities.”

Roads like the Champagne area leading to Soufriere, and Scotts Head, the Copthall, Fond Canie, lower Beau Bois, Fortune, Giraudel and Gommier roads that were damaged by the recent floods will also be given attention.

Farm access is also a major priority for the current administration.

Hon. Blackmoore revealed that in addition to two point seven million dollars invested by Government on feeder roads, an additional injection of funds will rehabilitate seventy-two kilometres of farm roads under the Bam project.

The streets leading in and out of Roseau will also be given the attention needed to give a facelift to the city.

“The city of Roseau now is something that has to be at rest once and for all. So we are going to start addressing the two main roads entering and leaving Roseau from Independence street at the EC LoBlack bridge going all the way back to the intersection of Bath Road and we will ensure that we will have proper sidewalks, drainage and surface. The same will be done to the road leaving Roseau.”


Dominica Receives 240 Tonnes of Fertilizer from the Kingdom of Morocco

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The Government of Dominica has received a shipment of fertilizer from the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco totaling 240 tonnes (ten twenty-foot containers) with a value of about 300,000 EC Dollars. The fertilizer will greatly impact the agriculture sector as the availability and cost of inputs, in particular fertilizer, has been a major challenge for farmers over the past year. The shipment of fertilizer represents a further deepening of cooperation between Dominica and the Kingdom of Morocco.

In December 2013, a five member Agricultural Technical Team from the Kingdom of Morocco held discussions with local Agriculture Officials for the implementation of a project, “Soil Fertility Mapping for Agricultural Development in Dominica and other Eastern Caribbean Islands.” This was the first step towards the reinforcement of scientific and technical partnerships in the agricultural sector between the Kingdom of Morocco and Dominica. This was  implemented through projects in integrated management of irrigation, water resources and fertilizers for increased productivity and quality of agricultural products.

The two countries established diplomatic relations in 2010 and since then have enjoyed fruitful and meaningful friendship. Dominica and the Kingdom of Morocco signed a Roadmap for Cooperation for the period 2013-2015, in February 2013. The cooperation agreement focuses on South-South cooperation; food security; energy; governance; environment and climate change; the fight against terrorism, drug and peoples’ trafficking and illegal immigration.

The Dominica Labour Party Government has pursued a foreign policy that must support our national interest and Dominica is now an active member of the regional and international communities.

Team work highlighted at Commonwealth Day 2014 Celebrations

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Dominica joined fifty- two other Commonwealth Nations on Monday in celebrating the spirit of teamwork through a special programme highlighting this year’s Commonwealth Day Theme: Team Commonwealth.

Students from various schools gathered at the Arawak House of Culture to participate in the annual ceremony organized by the Ministry of Education.

Students of the St. Martin’s Primary School led the proceedings with a suitable rendition titled “Stand Together.”

The highlight of Monday’s ceremony was the presentation of the Commonwealth Day message from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second read by His Excellency President Charles Savarin.

The upcoming Commonwealth Games to take place in Glasgow later this year, according to the Queen is an ideal example of the Commonwealth coming together in true team spirit.

“In July this year, the opening of the 20th Commonwealth Games will be marked by the arrival in Glasgow of the baton that started its journey from Buckingham Palace five months ago.

Many of us are following closely the news of the baton relay as it passes through the 70 countries and territories whose teams will gather for the Games. The images bring vividly to life what we mean by the Commonwealth family: it is wonderful to see the warmth, shared endeavour and good will as the baton is passed through the hands of many thousands of people.”

According to the Queen’s Commonwealth Day message, “people of all ages from different cultures are weaving an ever-growing network of links which connect us in our diversity and our common purpose. It is this unity according to the Queen that is expressed in this year's theme: 'Team Commonwealth'

Meanwhile, Speaker of the House of Assembly and Member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Hon. Alix Boyd Knights in speaking on the theme referred to the days when team work was the hallmark of Dominica’s development. Mrs. Knights would like to see these old values reinstated in society today.

“We seem so ready to discard the old ways for modern ones, we hardly use team work in our development anymore, we have now become an ‘I’ society isolated by choice. Is it wishful thinking on my part to hope that this year’s Commonwealth Day Theme may ignite a spark that induces us to be more willing to help and to share with each other?”

Students of the sign language club of the Convent High School also thrilled the audience with a fitting presentation.

Commonwealth Day is celebrated worldwide on the second Monday in March every year.

The aim of commemorating Commonwealth Day is to promote understanding on global issues, international cooperation and the work of the Commonwealth to improve the lives of its 1.8 billion citizens.

Government making headway on geothermal energy project

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Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore, Minister for Energy is satisfied with the tremendous progress made on Government’s mission to produce geothermal energy in Dominica.

In an interview with GIS News on Monday, Hon. Blackmoore informed that the Government has successfully gone through the initial phases of the project and has now completed drilling of production wells.

The projected date of completion for this phase was March 3rd 2014.  Hon. Blackmoore is particularly pleased that on March 1st this phase was completed.

The next phase involves shutting down the wells for a twelve week period to monitor progress on the generation of heat.

“I have been so advised that to generate energy you need to have a minimum of 180 degrees Celsius based on the reviews we have gotten thus far, it is above 235 degrees.  I think that this is tremendous for us going forward.”

The Energy Minister is also pleased with the incident-free progress on the geothermal development project.

“We got to the depth of fifteen hundred and six metres and the initial results that we have seen based on the log in that we’ve been able to monitor is that the results will be better than what we expected.”

Talks about pursuing geothermal energy on the island have been around for several decades.  However, Hon. Blackmoore says it took the innovative and forward thinking of the Dominica Labour Party Administration to venture into such a project.

The Minister articulated the positive impact that harnessing this resource will have on Dominica’s economy.

“We have said to Dominican people that we want to first of all commission a small plant between 10 to 15 megawatts so that the people of Dominica can benefit from that resource.”

Currently, the cost of energy in Dominica is EC$1.17 per kilowatt hour to which Hon. Blackmoore says this is, “one of the most expensive in the Caribbean and we cannot attract any serious business in Dominica with that reality.”

He added, “High energy costs impacts negatively on every household and the entire economy. The Labour Party believes therefore, as we unlock the secrets of geothermal development, that is where our prosperity lies and that’s where the element of change especially in the energy sector is going to be effective.”

It is anticipated that by 2015 a small fifteen mega watt production plant will be constructed to supply energy for local consumption.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Guidelines For Burial Of Human Remains On Private Property

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These guidelines are intended to give directions to Environmental Health Officers in determining the suitability of a site other than a registered cemetery for burial of human remains; and to persons wanting to inter their dead on private property. These guidelines do not apply to dead human bodies interred at cemeteries.

  • Proof of ownership of the property together with the application for permission to bury shall be submitted to the Ministry of Community Development.


  • The property should be at least half an acre in size (21,780 sq. Ft.)


  • The Environment Health Department would need a minimum of three days to visit the site and process recommendations.


  • Graves should be at least 100 feet from property lines and structures, 150 feet from any body of water and should not interfere with any sewerage disposal system.


  • Preparation of the burial site should not commence unless the location has been inspected and the necessary recommendations made by the Environmental Health Department.


  • Holes should be a minimum of seven feet deep.


  • The top of the grave should be sealed with a minimum of 4 inches of concrete.


  • The areas should be easily identified and be surrounded by fence or hedge.


  • Drainage should be constructed to divert water away from the grave.


  • The grave should not be opened before six years has passed.


  • Officers in the district need to observe burial to ensure that the client follows recommendations.


  • Following the burial, a certificate will be issued to the person in charge to attest to the fact that the burial has met standards.


  • The recommendations will be sent to the Ministry of Community Development however a copy can be made available to the person in charge of the remains.