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Monday, 18 November 2019





Government’s efforts to house families in climate resilient homes across the island continues as housing complexes are being completed and handed over in various communities.

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit who is also the Minister responsible for Housing stated that his satisfaction surrounding these housing projects comes from the impact on the lives of the recipients.

“It is easy and simple to count how much money we spend on this project, or to recite the number of units that we are handing over, and that’s all well and good. But with every one of these developments, I want us to all stop and count the people who are benefiting from these investments. The value of what these investments mean for the transformation of the lives of these families can never be fully counted in dollars terms. The lives of real people are being changed. These lives were changed for the better and were changed forever,” the Prime Minister stated.

 “Today, persons all over Dominica are waking up with a sense of pride and achievement, an even greater determination to face the future understanding and appreciating that their country has rightfully invested in their wellbeing and welfare” he further noted.

Prime Minister Skerrit says the housing programme, funded by the Citizenship by Investment Programme, continues to change the lives of nationals as the island’s recovers post Hurricane Maria, a recovery which has impressed leaders of countries in the region and the world.

“To understand the magnitude of what has taken place in Dominica is also to understand the challenges of other territories and countries in this region which were knocked out  like we were two  years ago. We have seen the comments and feedback from many of these territories on social media and on traditional media and they have all been amazed bat the Dominican success story,” PM Skerrit added.





Dorothy Laurent from Petite Soufriere emerged Madame Wob Dwiyet 2019.

Four ladies contested for the title on Thursday October 17th at the Old Mill Cultural Centre.

The ladies were judged for three rounds, best performing talent, best creative creole fashion and best in Wob Dwiyet.

Dorothy Laurent copped the titles for Best in Wob Dwiyet and Best in Creative Creole Fashion while Angelica Gasper took the award for Best Performing Talent.

The third runner up was Christina Charles from Grand Bay, with Theresa Honore from Portsmouth emerging second runner up.

The first runner up position went to Angelica Gasper from Castle Bruce.

The 2018 Madame Wob Dwiyet was Louvean Jeremie.


Dominicans will be remembered for their relentless efforts to rebuild the country following the utter devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

That is according to Prime Minister of Dominica, Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit who was addressing the nation at a thanksgiving concert, dubbed ‘And Can It Be’ held last Thursday at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

During his address, the nation’s leader stated that the development that has taken place since the passage of Hurricane Maria is inspiring.

“Indeed ladies and gentlemen, history has already began to record this country’s response to Hurricane Maria. Already today, when people speak of Hurricane Maria they are speak in awe of Dominica, of what this country, this population, this Government, with the support of our friends far and wide have done I very little time to build back better from that night of terror destruction and despair. Maria forced us to rebuild, and to build back better,” the Prime Minister stated.  

He went on note that it will take the support of all nationals to continue to rebuild a stronger more resilient nation.

“Together, all Dominicans must now prepare for the next phase of our national development, a stronger, more resilient, more developed, more dynamic Dominica. When I say all Dominicans. I mean all Dominicans, those at home and abroad, and those of every political persuasion. This country belongs to all of us, to each and every one of us, and it is our duty and our responsibility to give Dominica our very best,” he further added.



The Dublanc/Bioche village council will continue works on the community’s sporting facility with a contribution of thirty five thousand dollars from the Dominica Government.

Parliamentary Representative for the Colihaut Constituency Honorable Lady Catherine Daniel presented the cheque to the Dublanc/Bioche Village Council at a presentation ceremony held on Wednesday October 16th 2019.

Honorable Daniel stated that the monies handed over will be utilized for the completion of the sports pavilion in the community.

“One of the areas that the sporting community have been troubled about is the completion of the pavilion. We have started, we gave them some money plus other agencies have assisted but if you look you can see that it’s incomplete. And since we are there refurbishing the playing field still, and it’s an ongoing process, a work in progress. So I have come here to deliver to the council, on behalf of the sporting community a cheque in the amount of thirty five thousand dollars. This cheque will go towards the completion and re-roofing of the pavilion and as we move forward we will see what else needs to be done as we assess the work that will be completed when this cheque is utilized,” Minister Daniel stated.

Honorable Daniel noted that the village council will be expected to work with the sports division to ensure the desired completion of the project.

“The cheque comes with instructions because we have to work collaboratively with the Ministry of Sports so that we get the finished product that we want,” the Minister added.

Chairman of the Dublanc/Bioche Village Council Curtis Francois thanked the Government for their timely contribution toward the community adding that this is part of the vision for development in Dublanc.

“I just want to thank the Government and of course our Parliamentary Representative for making this timely contribution towards the pavilion. Dublanc as we know has been really doing good at community sports and to improve on it, we need assistance like this to go further into enhancing the facilities that they used for the sports. I am talking about football, cricket and all the other sports affiliated with our community,” Francoise stated.

He went on to further thank the Parliamentary Representative and the Government by extension, before adding that they will soon begin discussions with the Ministry of Sports.

“And that’s the kind of development that we want, the development that we are talking about so that as a community we can move forward, and I just want to thank the Government because this is very important for us. So, we will work on this as soon as possible, we will be calling the sports people, and we will have a discussion. And as the Pal Rep said, this is just some of the money which will be used to do the roof,” the Chairman added.





      Prime Minister Skerrit and Mrs. Skerrit cuts ribbon at opening ceremony


The first phase of the Dominica China Friendship Hospital was officially opened on Friday September 6th, 2019.

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit and his wife Melissa Skerrit cut the ribbon to formally the commencement of services at the new state-of-the-art, over 40 million US dollar health facility.

Friday’s ceremony was also attended by President of Dominica His Excellency Charles Savarin and Mrs. Savarin, Speaker of the House of Assembly Honourable Alix Boyd Knight, Members of Cabinet, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Dominica His Excellency Lu Kun, and other Members of Parliament.

Prime Minister Skerrit stated that the new national hospital is a part of a national development thrust initiated and developed by the ruling DLP administration.

“When we couple this achievement with the soon to be completed hotels and housing complexes, Dominicans here and abroad will be bale to boast of having the best hotels, public housing, and public health care in the entire English-speaking Caribbean,” the Prime Minister stated. 

                           Front view of completed structure 


Prime Minister Skerrit assured nationals that the new facility is a state-of-the-art modern facility.

“What you see now and will soon see when the other phases of construction are completed is a hospital that was meticulously designed to meet our foreseeable needs,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.

The  Dominica China Friendship Hospital is expected to bring much relief to residents and citizens of Dominica.

“The hassle and expense of having no choice but to leave these shores to access some forms of medical interventions will be a thing of the past. Because there are many citizens in this country who do not have the means of accessing medical care overseas and with this facility, you will have the ability to access it right here in Dominica,” Prime Minister Skerrit noted.

The ground breaking ceremony for the project was held on August 8 2016, followed by the official commencement of work in October of that same year. The project was constructed on the site of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Honourable Skerrit used the opportunity to highlight some aspects of the first phase of the new facility.

“The new Accident and Emergency building is a state-of-the-art facility in which there is one operating theatre, fourteen observation beds, four doctors’ clinics, two isolation rooms and a crash resuscitation room among many other modern amenities and services. Right beside it, is an ultra-modern three floor medical technology wing, that will be home to the imaging department on the first floor, with a new blood bank and a fully equipped lab facility on the second floor. On the third floor, Dominicans will gain access to the largest dialysis unit this country has ever had, as well as new diagnostic department and ambulatory day care unit,” he explained.

Minister for the Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal Honourable Joseph Isaac stated that the opening of the new national hospital is testament of the commitment of the Honourable Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to the island’s health system and the friendship of the People’s Republic of China.

“Let us not take these things for granted and let us not take the fact that we are blessed with a once in a generation leader like Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit who is engineering the socio-economic transformation that we are now part of in this country. We are celebrating the opening of the best public hospital in the English-speaking Caribbean because of his vision and his ability to deliver to we the people. Without our Prime Minister’s ability to see the bigger picture, this country would never have forged a friendship with the People’s Republic of China,” Minister Isaac stated.

The facility will be completed in seven phases, with the second phase already started.

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China His Excellency Lu Kun described the new hospital as a first-class facility.

“We want to build this new hospital as a first-class hospital. We want to give it first-class equipment and machines. These instruments and equipment are the most sophisticated at the same level as in China. We also wanted first-class management, just like proposed by Dr. Skerrit. We wanted professional management in the hospital. After the completion of the new hospital, patients from other islands will be coming to Dominica,” Ambassador Lu Kun stated,

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